It’s been more than half a decade since I stopped writing anything substantial online (I had my glory days on where people actually followed my daily points on practical living). I tried coming up with an online journal in 2006, but I was too busy for it. Of course, there’s the occasional posts on Facebook, but who really cares anything about that?

So after submitting to the persuasion of some friends, and after getting inspired by the Soccsksargen Bloggers group, I am finally getting into the blogniverse by opening this blog account. Welcome to it.

I’ve never been really confident about my writing… nor have I been confident about working my way through the computer as well. (I am a self-confessed technotard – – I just recently found out what a “domain” actually meant). I guess hanging out with the best writers in highschool really pushed my confidence down. But that’s just lame, isn’t it?

So, we’re here in Post # 1.

I’ve outlined this post to kinda give everyone an idea of how I write. I am the kind of person who writes as he speaks, and here are some points to tend you through:

1.)    I often begin sentences with “I” and some people seem to mind. Well, I’m a Leo. Forgive me.

2.)    My vocabulary is too casual, but I do tend to use some words frequently to the point of notice:

eventually                           statistically                        seriously                              recently                               annoying                              actually

“oh my…!”                          “well…”                               “I guess…”

(and many more..)

3.)    I tend to stereotype and sound judgmental at times. I like doing that.

4.)    Of course, the occasional swearing does give statements a little something.

5.)    My language jumps anywhere from classy, sophisticated to downright trashy cheap.

This account is called “You Got Rained” and the idea came from my dear friend, Ralph Layco. Thank you very much. That title says a lot about the essence of my blogging – I like to rub in my thoughts on people. Haha. But these are nice, useful  thoughts, mind you. You’ll see.

How I ended up with the username scatteredrainshowers I’m not really sure, but I look forward to making it special.

That’s it! Welcome once again, and have fun with me as we get ourselves “rained”.

(Blogniverse… I like the sound of that)


7 thoughts on “Finally…

  1. finally!

    welcome to the world of blogging!

    you are a welcome addition and i’m sure you’ll gain followers to your blog if you really put your mind and heart into it…

    good luck, rain!

    i just got rained! and i loveeeet!

  2. It’s about time Rain!

    Thanks for freeing yourself and promising to share your thoughts to the trying-hard-to-be-writers among us.

    I guess this is how should a blog should be written!

    Hoping to see more of you… naked and unplugged!

    Happy blogging!

  3. Rain, on a very Sundy morning is most welcome. And it is fun to know that you are onboard the roller coaster life of the blogosphere. You are welcomed Rain, with open hearts and minds! Get it rocking, and raining!

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