The 5 Essential Points of Skin Care

Rays today. Raisins tomorrow.

That is one line that will forever be my beauty philosophy, many thanks to Fran Drescher’s character, Joy Miller, in “The Beautician and the Beast” (1997).

Skin care is intimidating, especially for men. Guys normally think that it’s a girl thing, it’s too expensive or it’s something completely unnecessary as they go on living their macho lives.

(ATTN: Donna’s “Kikoy Kit”)

But skin care is something, I tell you.

Since I got back to Gensan late last year, I have gone through an abrupt re-socializing process to help me settle down. That, of course, meant meeting old friends – including former classmates. People my age, basically.

Everyone was same old, same old. But what struck me most was… they looked old. I’m not pointing any fingers, but some of them really looked like they were close to their 40’s!

My skin’s not perfect, but I’d say I looked younger than most of my former classmates. I then realized that I had to thank the gods of vanity for facial scrubs and moisturizer.

My dedication to proper skincare began sometime about a decade ago, when I had a fierce battle with acne (the condition was so bad, you wouldn’t believe it. I was like a swollen atis with legs). I had to learn everything overnight.

So these are the 5 basic steps to care for your skin. This process will help you get through life’s dermal challenges and make you look younger (or at least push back a few years from your next birthday):

1.) WASH

This is basic. Everybody does this. The idea is to get rid of all the dirt, grease and grime from your skin. Don’t over-do it, though. Washing too much weakens the skin.


That layer of dead skin is the last thing you need to make your skin glowing and lively. Proper exfoliation removes this drab layer and shows off fresher skin. Exfoliation is done by gentle abrasion or chemical peeling. I prefer the first one.

Exfoliate once a week and you’re sure to have a brighter look in as early as a month!

3.) TONE

I don’t do this often, but I know it’s important. Toning helps clean up any residual bad stuff that’s left after you wash. Most toners available also shrink your pores, giving you skin a fresher, smoother feel.

The gentle massage you do when applying toner also helps facial muscles relax.


This is a must. Moisturizing is the first form of protection you give your skin. Well-moisturized skin is:

–           More elastic, reducing the chances of lines and wrinkles

–          Helpful in reducing the production of excess oil (the skin produces oil when it becomes too dry. It’s the auto-mode to keep skin elastic)

Keeping the skin moist also aids in better regeneration of cells.


The sun may be lovely, but it’s not skin-friendly. Use sunscreen when going out during the daytime. You’re doing yourself a simple favor you’ll appreciate in a few years.

There you go. 5 simple steps on making yourself look better, fresher, younger. (And it’s not for girls only!)

I remember my mom kept bugging me not to put too much stuff on my face back in college. It somehow ‘disturbs’ her.  I know mothers know best, but if I did obey her that time, we’d look the same today.

If you have read this far, You Got Rained!


8 thoughts on “The 5 Essential Points of Skin Care

  1. “I know mothers know best, but if I did obey her that time, we’d look the same today.”

    winner! hahahaha!

    and thanks for the tips. i agree that ALL men should be conscious about their face. for people involved in sales and marketing, critical talaga ang itsura ng mukha. it helps na gwapo o maganda ka pero kung maduming tingnan, you lose customers with the blink of an eye.

    keep on writing/blogging and make more people happy! share this in your fb!

  2. Hi, thanks for sharing this one. You’re right, men should be conscious too about their skin. Now I need to pay attention on how to make myself younger and not to look like in my 40’s after ten years . Haha

    1. Hi Pao. Nice to know you liked it.

      There’s a really big difference between Aging Gracefully and Aging Naturally. Aging gracefully means spending on skincare, but statistically, those who do age happily.


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