Even Beautiful People Have Flaws… (but there are solutions!)

Trite to say, but REALLY, nobody is perfect.

Even the person you may deem as the most perfect has his / her own physical issues (I’m saying pithairs for Julia Roberts and stare-worthy freckles for Lindsay Lohan).

I remember having a crush on a classmate in high school, but his teeth really bothered me.  The front ones looked like Siamese twins. (Not that I didn’t have teeth problems of my own. I looked like a horse back then!)

I had another crush that I called Mr. Perfect. He was perfect, until that day we got to talk. I got him a new surname after that. He’s now known as Mr. Halitosis. (That I didn’t have, thank God.)

Now before my sungays start scratching the ceiling, let’s move on and begin to cannibalize my own dignity for material. Tonight, I give you my flaws for discussion.

All my life as an adult, I’ve battled physical dysfunctions that have put a dent on my confidence. These gifts from hell actually hound at least a thousand people within a 25 kilometer radius from my seat now.

When they say “mabait ang Diyos”, that’s true. Solutions are out there. And I’m sharing what I use to those who need them.


Shine works on hair. No question about that.

But when shine starts conquering nearby regions such as the face, it becomes a problem.

Shine doesn’t only make you look like a slab of butter at the typical Gensan room temperature, but shine could be unhealthy.

Shine is caused by oil. Oil clogs the pores. Clogged pores are ‘fetuses’ that soon will bloom into plump, juicy pimples.

If your face were a garden of tomato plants, that’d be a good thing. But it’s not.  That face belongs to a society that judges. And pimples often get a ‘minus ten’ score from people.

My solution: face powder. I use Johnson’s Face Powder since I’m hiyang to it. It’s safe, light and non-comedogenic (doesn’t cause pimples). It’s handy and can transform your face from greasy drab to fresh ‘n fab in seconds!

I know some guys aren’t really keen on using anything that resembles make-up (funny, some girls are like that, too), but basically, it’s all about proper grooming. Nobody wants to see shine where there isn’t supposed to be any.


I used to have lots of them. They made my face their playground and my back, their palace. If Case # 1 doesn’t get the attention it demands, it often results to this case.

The solution: Benzoyl Peroxide. My favorite brand is Panoxyl (available at drugstores for less than PhP200)

I dare not go into the technical ways of this product, but I love it for the following reasons:

1.)    It’s cheap.

2.)    It’s effective in drying up pimples in a very short time.

3.)    It kills pimple-causing bacteria. Hence, minimal acne production.

4.)    It bleaches the pimple and scars so they don’t scream at you in the morning. (wow!)

5.)    It promotes exfoliation of the damaged skin, revealing fresh, pimple-free skin.

Here are some drawbacks to expect, though:

1.)    It may sting slightly.

2.)    It actually ‘burns’ the skin to promote exfoliation.

3.)    It bleaches clothing.

Should you decide on using Panoxyl, make sure you moisturize and put on sunscreen.


(I can’t believe I’m letting the world read this!)

It’s called hyperhydrosis. Excessive sweating – even when you use anti-perspirants.

If you’re unlucky, you can have it on your underarms, your palms, your feet, your back or even your butt!

I was shooting an episode of Hangin’ Around Soccsksargen with showmates Michelle and Benjie during a hot, sunny morning when Michelle pointed out my then sweaty underarms. “I don’t like that to be seen on cam” she said. Neither did I.

I don’t usually consider Benjie an angel (haha!), but on that day, he was. In exchange for a free lifetime supply of frozen yoghurt that he imposed, he advised that I get this product called Driclor (Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate), a very strong form of gelling antiperspirant.

I got it. The price wasn’t one you’d consider friendly (it’s more than PhP 800!), but at that point, I was willing to try anything. That night I followed the instructions (YOU SHOULD FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS) and enjoyed a night of itchy, stingy hell.

The next day was a trip with friends to Lake Sebu. It was hot. It was sunny. Basically, all the elements to bring a sweaty bloke to humiliation were there. But there was not a single drop of underarm sweat! I went woohoo that day. It felt like a lifetime of misery just evaporated and never existed!

(note: can be used on hands and back)

Two drawbacks on the product: the price and the irritation. But if you’re willing to go through that, you’ll be able to enjoy a sweat-free, smell-free experience even if you don’t bathe for 3 days. (Done that haha!)

CASE #4: WARTS (never had them), CORNS AND CALLOUSES

For more or less than PhP 200.00, go get Duofilm. It’s a strong mix of salicylic and lactic acids.

Brush it on the spot and expect it to be gone in a day or 3.

To end this, remember, beauty is not about perfection and flaws will always have a solution.

(kinda sounds lame, doesn’t it?)


7 thoughts on “Even Beautiful People Have Flaws… (but there are solutions!)

  1. Hi KG,

    I also have problems with dark undereyes and never seem to have lost them no matter what I do (that doesn’t involve anything clinical).

    However, an old friend once advised me that the skin under the eyes are very thin and delicate, and are prone to easy sun damage – which causes like 80% of the darkening. I invested on really cool sunglasses and always kept my undereyes and eyelids extra moisturized and protected. These helped lessen the darkness a lot (took a while, though), but it’s still there. I have actually managed to shift my thinking to looking at it as an asset (I’d love to think it brings out my ‘turko’ features hahaha)…

    And besides, having zero dark undereyes doesn’t sound pretty. try covering it up with make-up. You’ll see that it looks unnatural.

    As for varicose veins, another friend swears by Hirudoid. I’ve never tried it, but I guess it’s available at your nearest drugstore.

  2. san po makabili ng driclor here in gensan?? nagpunta na ako sa mercury drug pero out of stock na cla. wala din dw sa watson. pls. help po.. it really affects my social life. 😦 pls do email me po sa ebebfewo@hotmail.com tnx po!

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