The Price of Beauty…

…need not be expensive.

In the previous topic, I mentioned that skin care is intimidating to many. One reason is that getting good skin always seems to be a very costly process.

I am sharing below some of my personally tested and proven products that, for years, have made my skin and my pocket very, very happy:


Pond’s Facial Foam is my ultimate facial wash favorite for 3 reasons:

It’s light and gentle on the skin.

It smells clean and fresh.

It costs around PhP 65, and a tube usually lasts me a month and a half.


This product saved my life! I started using it back in 2004 when my face proudly carried the battle scars against acne, and when my back looked like pimple central. Use it once a week and you’re good.

A 6 oz. tube of St. Ives Renew and Firm Apricot Scrub goes anywhere between and around Php 200 and PhP 300, and can last up to 10 months! Good buy, right? Try using it on your feet for a well deserved foot scrub and you’ll love yourself in the morning.


Feel extra clean before bed by using this Clean & Clear toner. Even after washing, you’ll see this product digs into stubborn dirt and soap residue (check your cotton ball after using). In a few weeks, you’ll notice tinier pores as well. This product goes about a hundred bucks, more or less.


These two are my best friends. But I can’t date them together (check: cross reaction of products mixed in one application can be dangerous!).

Both the Clean and Clear moisturizer and Pond’s Pinkish White Glow Lightening Lotion go for around PhP 75.

They feel light as water and smell as clean as a fresh shirt.

Spread thinly right after towel-drying your skin.


Myra-E is probably the most affordable daytime moisturizer with good packaging. It has a minimum Sun Protection Factor of 15 (just the right amount… unless you’re going swimming – – then use Coppertone).

One may notice that products with SPF are slightly “pasty” than regular lotions. That’s normal. This one goes well as make-up base too!

Looking at the pricelist, I’d say you’d get everything for around a thousand bucks, more or less. Not too expensive, if you get better skin in exchange. Compared naman to more expensive products that give the same results, di ba?

All these products are available at your nearest drugstore or supermarket.

Remember: ONLY USE NON-COMEDOGENIC PRODUCTS! Go for water-based and anti-allergy.


9 thoughts on “The Price of Beauty…

  1. so informative rain and yes so true.., been using Ponds Facial Foam the pink lighten up my skin.. of all the Ponds product eto ung pinaka mild..

    1. Hi Phoebe,

      Powerpeel is expensive! You can actually buy this facial massager from Watsons:

      It’s handy, and is powered by 2 AA batteries. The attachment that does the best work is the facial brush. All you have to do is put on some facial foam and whirl away! Moisturize right after.

      It basically works like home dermabrasion… but is easier, gentler and inexpensive!

      Been using it since 2006. Great results!

  2. I love your post Rain, very helpful, am not much into that kind of thing but very helpful, I might try Ponds, mura lang eh. Thanks for shARING.

  3. wow!!! 🙂 go same tayo raine im using st.ives once a week 🙂 nasa list of blog post ko din yan eh hehehehehe 🙂 wohhhoooo very informative blog!!! 🙂 keep ’em up!!! 🙂

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