COLD CREAM: The Underrated Wonder-product

Cold cream has been used for 2 thousand years, according to Wikipedia. I’ve been using it for 2 years, and I’m happy.

Not many know about the wonders of cold cream. To some, it’s just another form of gunk women put on their faces next to their other tokador essentials. But for some, cold cream is the number one readily-available product that aids in the universal desire to age gracefully.


Cold cream is a hardworker and a multi-tasker.

The product supplies the skin with good amounts of moisture to keep it elastic. This means less wrinkles and dull spots. For some reason, and also based on experience, cold cream helps relax the face after a hard day. It just seems easier to smile with all that shine.

Cold cream effectively cleans the skin. When they say “oil dissolves oil”, they should use cold cream as a clear example. The product loosens the oil that catches all of the day’s dirt and dissolves the composition of make-up making it a fast and effective make-up remover (try it on water-proof ones!).

In principle, cold cream is also supposed to loosen dead skin cells, making it a good night-before preparation for a good day for a facial scrub.


Cold cream is not your typical moisturizer, but it does the job really well. It’s the type you put on then rinse off – due to the heavy amount of oils and wax that comprise the formula, it screams out comedogenic!!!  However, some brands have come out with no-rinse, non-comedogenic formulas (it doesn’t clog pores, therefore it doesn’t cause pimples).

Personally, no matter what the formula, I prefer to rinse off right after application. I’m not one who enjoys going to bed feeling like a heavily frosted cupcake.

Here is the typical cold cream evening:

Right before washing your face, slather a good amount of the cream on your face and neck. Be generous with it. Other people spread it thinly, but it won’t feel luxurious. It’s a cheap product, anyway. Let it settle for a few minutes.

Wipe off the cold cream with tissue or a wet towel. You will notice the dirty residue on the tissue. That’s a good sign. Your skin is getting cleaned.

If you’re using the no-rinse, non-comedogenic formula, you may go straight to bed. If it’s the traditional formula, or if you’re just not sure, wash off with warm water and a good cleanser (you may want to put on a light moisturizer right after).

Note: No matter what they say, do not sleep with a heavy layer of cold cream on. It just doesn’t make sense and is extremely uncomfortable.


A good friend of mine, Edz, told me once that after talking her uber macho boyfriend into using cold cream, he said that his skin felt good in the morning.

That’s exactly how it’s supposed to feel.  Well-moisturized skin always feels  cleaner, softer, smoother and more relaxed. Skin suddenly feels light and bright. Cold cream gives you that and that’s why I love it!

He’s been a religious cold cream user ever since.


I was given this big jar of Pond’s Cold Cream from the US. It is the non-comedogenic formula, and I love its light lemony scent. The instructions on this jar don’t say it has to be rinsed off, but the Philippine version says that washing after use is recommended… so make sure you read the instructions carefully before using it.

Edz also recommends using Nivea Crème (the one that comes in the simple blue tin). I haven’t tried it yet, but she seems happy about this one.


5 thoughts on “COLD CREAM: The Underrated Wonder-product

  1. nice post rain very informative 🙂 hmmmmmm i better grab me a cold cream NOW NA!!! 🙂 i’ve tried using it before thought wala syang use tnx to this post got a better understanding about it 🙂

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