Tanned Skin Makes You Look … … …

This is a little late for the Philippine summer, but the look of having a good tan will always be interesting to many…  I think.

Weeks ago, over dinner with some pretty high school friends, I managed to surprise them when I said I wanted darker skin. That desire coming from a vain person. You see, in my locality, people actually pay good money just to look fairer. I guess I wasn’t going along that direction.

Of course, the lovely ladies I had dinner with asked me a big WHY, and here are the answers:

Why tanned skin?

–          It makes one look healthier than when having pale skin;

–          It gives an impression of cool confidence;

–          You will always seem like you have an active, outgoing and exciting lifestyle (like you’ve just got back from the beach!

–          It makes one look leaner and thinner. It enhances muscular curves, grooves and cuts;

–          It gives the face more dimension as it highlights edges and major features (e.g. your cheekbones and nose bridge) while it ‘deepens’ those areas you want less of… like too much cheeks!

–          Tanned skin always looks sexy;

–          On most people, tanned skin enhances the smile, making it more attractive.

When getting a tan, always make sure to put on an SPF product (i.e. sunscreen). It is usually of lower levels (4 or 6, normally) and may require re-application in shorter intervals. DO NOT SUNBATHE WITHOUT SUNSCREEN. The spray-on my friend uses is fantastic.

Some people don’t tan well. Personally, I get a little grayish when under the sun. Good thing there are tanning aids like lotions and oils. These are often more expensive than sunblock. For those with a humble budget, try regular coke. J It’s malagkit and it makes you sweat up a bit… but under the sun by the pool, that’s sexy. Haha!

Tanned skin is only beautiful when it is healthy and moisturized, not sunburned and dry (or worse, peeling). After getting a nice tan, keep it pretty and healthy by using moisturizing lotions or body oils.

I can’t wait to say hello to the sun again!


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