4 things pretty ladies (and gentlemen) should not do in the workplace (or anywhere public for that matter)

My lola was always a stickler for proper manners. And she was particularly strict about how people behaved in public. As with any normal apo growing up, I never paid attention until some time later.

She always pointed out common eyesores that I’ve come to realize were indeed annoying (been there. Done that. Guilty.), and for the sake of helping the unaware, particularly those in the corporate workforce, I’m sharing these lessons:


There simply is no class in that.

Going out in public with hair fresh from the bathroom shows that one has poor grooming skills and is willing to face the public “unfinished”.

Wet hair is associated with the privacy of the bath and the bedroom. Facing your workmates, your boss, or clients with wet hair is tantamount to standing in front of them wearing house clothes.


Fine people of yesteryears will simply look at this act as “bastos.” I know my lola will simply exclaim “Yiiii! Hindi naturuan!”

Grooming one’s self in public is just like inviting everyone into one’s private tokador.  It just feels funny.

Dozens of times I’ve sat beside people who combed their hair in jeepneys and buses. It always makes me realize their arms and elbows take up too much space.

Same principle goes for putting make-up on in full view of workmates and strangers.

(One time, aboard the MRT, a fellow passenger sprayed on perfume. I immediately remembered famous words from a very dear friend, Gil: “Bambini… amoy Aurora Boulevard.” Hahaha!)

3.) NEVER WEAR SLIPPERS WHEN IN UNIFORM (or other forms of work clothes. My old job had us in casual wear.)

Regardless of brand, slippers are still slippers. They’re not proper in the workplace and they just strip you off of any professionalism that’s left in the eyes of people.

My lola never approved of wearing slippers when going out beyond the bounds of the neighborhood. She’d always stick to the principle that “pag naka-tsinelas ka, mukha kang kawawa.” “Ang tsinelas ay para sa bahay lamang.”

Another thing about slippers is that they drag and flap annoyingly as you walk – – parang naglakad ka lang sa sala. People won’t mind the “tok, toks” of highheels, but will surely have a sore spot for that “plak, plak.”

It is completely understandable that high heels and leather shoes are gifts from hell when it comes to the topic of comfort, and that some will have to bring a pair of comfy flip-flops to work. But please, try not to wear them when leaving your workzone or let other people see them. One word: BADUY.

I know of someone who always loves wearing Havaianas everywhere – the car, the office, everywhere! The thing is, her feet weren’t pretty. In fact, they looked like a man’s feet. Imagine her showing those little piggies to her clients.


…or stained clothes

…or clothes with missing buttons

…or visible safety pins

…or…whatever any decent mom would not approve of!

A badly groomed professional is not a professional at all A VERY LOUSY PROFESSIONAL. [Thanks for the point-out,  Jasper!]

These are some lessons I’ve learned the hard way. If you think it makes sense, feel free to share it just as I did. J

This entry is dedicated to Lola Paz Rivera. I miss you.


6 thoughts on “4 things pretty ladies (and gentlemen) should not do in the workplace (or anywhere public for that matter)

  1. Thank you for refreshing my memory, Rain! What you shared are just 4 of the many things I learned as a Girl Scout— many years ago under the leadership of Lola Paz Rivera. The lessons I learned from her are valuable! I will always be grateful to your lola!

  2. Ouch for number 1. Lol. Guilty as charged.

    When you say it like that, it does indeed sound like bad manners to go out with wet hair. And I do that practically every single day so I must have very bad manners indeed. Lol. It’s not an excuse that I am here in the province and that I am not the only one who does that, but in here that is actually acceptable (to some degree–it’s another matter completely if there still are suds in your hair). Not that I’m defensive or anything. Haha.

    Nice blog you have here by the way, I enjoy reading your posts. 🙂

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