How to keep that glamorous white smile…

So I had my teeth whitened yesterday.

(see entry below, or click

Question is how do I keep them white and bright for long?

I am a heavy coffee and soda drinker, and I eat just about anything. Plus, I have that bisyo-I-dare-not-mention… so it will be impossible to maintain these gleaming pearls forever.

Doc Aret Macaranas – Dometita advised me a few simple steps on how to have this white smile stay:

1.) Since it’s impossible to avoid colored drinks, USE A STRAW. the straw helps you avoid getting the fluid on the front surfaces. It may be tricky at first, but try not to make your drink “roll” inside your mouth.

2.) Avoid colored gel-type toothpaste and mouthwash. These have colorants that may affect whiteness. Only use white toothpaste and clear mouthwash.

3.) Brush after every meal or drink (or cigarette). If brushing is inconvenient, a quick swish of water may help.

Based on experience, here are two maintenance products that have proven their worth:

The Beverly Hills Formula Whitening Toothpaste is a little pricy, but it sure works! It helps bleached teeth stay white longer, and some versions include gum protection, regular and smokers’ formula. I buy mine at Watsons.

This product also whitens well on its own. It takes a little time, though. Visible results come in about 2 weeks, depending on one’s teeth and usage.

Baking Soda could be a smoker’s best friend. When used during brushing with your normal toothpaste, baking soda becomes a gentle abrasive that scrubs the teeth clean.


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