Salamat po, Doctora: DENTAL WHITENING

I got myself a pre-birthday present today. I got my teeth bleached.

Thanks to the lovely ‘n bubbly Dr. Margarita “Aret” Macaranas – Dometita, one of the gorgeous Macaranas Dentists (the other one is Doc Beng), I have once again seen these little biters in their very pearly white state. The last time I had them this white was back in ’06, I think.

(By the way, make sure to visit Doc Aret’s Little Kitchen Restaurant as it opens in September – she cooks fusion cuisine like an angel!)

Having a flashy white smile is great. It’s one of those elements that make people notice.

However, getting there is not easy as brushing 3 times a day. Going through the procedure requires patience, tolerance and that desire for a better smile. Again, it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t quick (good thing masarap din magkuwento si Doc).


Dental bleaching happens with a series of procedures (as I remember it):

1.)    Prophylaxis (cleaning out the evidence of years of neglect).

2.)    Dental “etching” – a super-sour substance is applied to the teeth as a preparation to get the good stuff in later.

3.)    Gum-guard is applied. It looks like quick drying glitter glue that protects the gums from the bleaching material.

4.)    The actual bleaching. With lips spread out, bleaching paste is applied to the surface. You don’t feel anything… until your tongue touches it or it gets on your lips. It burns! It stings! Doc had to apply cocoa butter on my lips for protection.

5.)    The last part is the easiest and the hardest of all. It is easy because you’re put to smile in front of this strong light machine (with cool goggles and all). It is hard because you do just that… for a good 40 minutes! Imagine having a static smile while watching an entire episode of Next Top Model!

As they say, “tiis-ganda” lang yan. After my final rinse, both Doc and I were speechless with the result! BRIGHT WHITE TEETH! Just the way we wanted it!

This is the perfect pre-birthday gift in my opinion.

Yesterday's smile
That light machine
After the procedure


I can’t eat or drink anything dark within the next 4 days (que parusa!), so it’s bye-bye Coke, bye-bye coffee, bye-bye masarsang pagkain and bye-bye bisyong-I-dare-not-mention.

Dental Bleaching is not cheap. But it’s worth every cent for those feel-good, look-good, smile-good moments.


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