How I lost 21 pounds in 2 months… without starving!

Here’s my story:

In 2006 I started working for the fashion industry. This, like my very world of Interior Designing, is one where aesthetics – both product and personal – matter a lot.

People at work always paid attention to their looks. They were gorgeous. At that time, I was just starting out building my fashionista ways (if any).  But work always had me eating. Soon enough, I saw myself burdened with 157 lbs. of my own lard. (FYI, a decade ago, I was an anorexic enjoying hearty meals of skyflakes, water and kremil-s). For my height, 157 lbs made me waaay overweight!

It was not until one of the hottest guys I know (Shan, you better be reading this) who was an officemate grabbed my tummy treasures and exclaimed “Ano yan, ha?!?” that made me realize I had to do something… fast.

Crushed, I stopped eating that day. It was hard resisting anything edible. But God was good to me and sent me my very own angel, Maan.

Maan was a fitness angel. She taught me the basics of fitness. She talked me into going to the gym the same week and taught me a rather unusual way of dieting – so unusual, you’d think she’s crazy.

Maan’s diet program required me to eat every 2 hours and never starve myself!

I was like, “how on earth am I gonna lose weight if I eat???”

Here’s the formula:

1.)    Determine your daily calorie requirement based on your usual activities. There are websites for that.

E.g. For my given height and office activities, I require 2000 calories to function every day.

2.)    Limit yourself to 75% of that daily calorie requirement.

E.g.  From 2000 calories, I will only allow myself to consume 1500 calories in a day

3.)    Determine the number of times you wish to eat in a day. I picked 7. Divide your allowed calorie requirement by that number.

E.g. 1500 calories / 7 meals  =  214 calories

4.)    Per meal, I am limited to 214 calories. And I have to eat every 2 hours.

That amount of calories may be equal to 1 cup of rice (130 cal) and 2 tbsp. of corned beef (80 cal). Plus water water water… busog na! Imagine eating that 7 times a day!

I’m not limited to that, though. In principle, I can eat whatever I wanted as long as it is within the 214 calorie limit. A can of coke is 138 cal and a handful of nuts is about 50 cal… not bad for a snack, right?

Here’s the principle:

The body functions by metabolism.

Metabolism burns the food you eat.

If there is too much food for regular metabolic function, it turns to fat.

Keeping your metabolism going with just the right amount of food will prevent fat formation.

If you increase activity (like going to the gym or choosing the stairs instead of the elevator) you start burning the previously stored fat since the food you take might not be enough to sustain the activity.

The result is weightloss.

Look at metabolism like a flame.

Give the flame a good amount of coal (in this case, food) and it burns good and steady.

Give it too much coal, the flame weakens (and the coal stays there… like fat).

Give it little coal to burn, and the flame will die down. You will have no energy at this point. If more coal is added, there won’t be no flame to burn it. Not good.

Maan wasn’t too strict on this. She allowed me a cheat meal from time to time. I ate anything and in any amount I wanted. She said that “shocking” your metabolism once in a while will enhance performance.

Of course, I still had to go to the gym. I worked out for at least 3 hours a day, 6 days a week. It was pleasurable pain. I always rewarded myself with a cup of yoghurt right after.

In 2 months, I managed to cut down from 157 lbs. to 136 lbs.

It may have been too fast, but it sure was not unhealthy. I ate frequently and my body was toned.

That was my healthiest state ever! I was lively, glowing,  my resistance to disease was strong and I had sexy abs! I loved it.

Best of all, as Maan said, if weight is lost the right way like how I did it, it will be hard to gain it back.

True enough, I’ve never seen myself exceed 142 lbs. ever again!

(at the time of this post, it’s been months since I’ve seen a gym and I’ve been eating like crazy. With this kind of dieting, I’ve fallen to 130 lbs. which was way too light for me.)


My fellow weight watcher Edz just posted the correct formula for calorie counting:

here’s the formula to calculate how much calories in a day you need a day to maintain a wt level:

your wt in lbs / 2.2 x 0.9 x 24 x 1.2 + 300 calories (if you have a moderate workout per day like walking)

just consume a bit less of that if yo…u want to lose about 1lb a day.

Thanks Edz!


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