Have you been to the coolest Men’s Salon in Gensan?

Some men have class, too.

And those who do will choose a place like Macho Mucho as their next grooming destination.

Why Macho Mucho? Read on:

1.)    Macho Mucho feels more like a café than a barber shop. It’s warm and cozy, and they serve fresh Joe Black coffee. That simple. No frills.

2.)    Macho Mucho gathered some of the sharpest stylists specializing in men’s hairstyles and refined them with training by Gensan’s top hairstyling expert, Romneck (I forgot his surname).

3.)    Macho Mucho will soon have wi-fi for those who are willing to wait or just wanna make tambay.

4.)    In Macho Mucho, YOU are always The Boss.

5.)    In Macho Mucho, you will never hear chismisan, screaming witches and kanto talk around you (I hate that in common salons).

6.)     Macho Mucho does your nails and gives you the best footspa in town without having you feel too “girly”

7.)    Macho Mucho keeps on surprising you with discounts, promos, free gifts and stuff you’d never find in any normal barber shop.

8.)    Macho Mucho is conveniently located at the Sun City Suites, General Santos City. A few steps away are some of the newest and coolest dining spots in the city.

9.)    Macho Mucho’s interiors are just lovely (my bangko is not too heavy for me to make buhat, so please allow me).

10.) Ladies, get your men the best grooming products such as facial scrubs, hair styling goods, shaving cream and the like at Macho Mucho. 😉

11.) Macho Mucho is clean, decent and classy. I say no more.

Owned and managed by young entrepreneur Ralph Layco, Macho Mucho offers gentlemen (and some brave ladies) the best pampering in the city. Treat yourself the next time you need a cut.

See you at Macho Mucho.


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