LITTLE KITCHEN: It might be your next favorite corner restaurant

Dining is like love-making. It’s always best when it’s full of passion and creativity.

And that’s exactly what goes into each dish served at the Little Kitchen.

Located at the corner of Quirino Avenue and Zapote Street somewhere near the heart of General Santos City, the Little Kitchen restaurant offers you mare than just good food, it does it with fine taste for a truly hearty experience.

Owned by the charming and lovely dentist Margarita “Aret” Macaranas – Dometita, a passionate cook herself, Little Kitchen gives you a mix of different cultural flavors from European (pizza, pasta, chicken cordon bleu) to Oriental (Korean kalbi chim, ebi tempura and chao fan) to Filipino (sizzling bangus sisig and buco pandan with lychee) in an environment that reminds you of the richness of the Mediterranean and the warmth of the Filipino mother.

The food I’ve mentioned are my personal favorites. But it doesn’t end there.

Today, I god a good bite of the Shrimp Scampi Pizza (which is not tinipid sa ingredients in any way), the tomato-basil pizza (a surprising favorite because of the simple but rich flavor – go figure), the tuna pasta (creamy macaroni with just a hint of the fish we will soon celebrate)  and the Doc’s specialty, the Pasta Margarita (note: I know it’s “margherita”.. but I named it after her).

I felt bad because I was too full to have a serving of my usual meal ender, the buco pandan with lychee. I saw the yummy crepes and chocolatey bread pudding pass by, but I was really full.

At the Little Kitchen, you are not expected to come, eat and leave just like that. That’s how other restaurants feel. Here, she wants you to sit down and treat your dining as a sacred, artful act… one to be enjoyed with every sniff, bite and smile. This is a place where relaxed dining is the essence… that same feeling you get when in the warm company of friends or family around the dinner table.

Have your next meal at the Little Kitchen and do yourself a good MacArthur as you say “I shall return!”

Surely you will.


7 thoughts on “LITTLE KITCHEN: It might be your next favorite corner restaurant

  1. Hi! Just wanted to ask if Little Kitchen would have their place rented for a birthday party? If so, how much? It’s my baby’s 1st birthday and trying to find a good place for the party. Please let me know. Thanks a bunch!!

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