Another take on Ageing Gracefully…


E-Derm Center is one of the newest and most hi-tech beauty and vanity service destinations in Pampanga… just a short hop from Manila. They have the latest technologies in self-improvement procedures at relatively affordable prices. See website below for more details.

Ageing gracefully is now one of the modern woman’s goals. It is said that graceful ageing is proof of living a good life, and is a path towards a beautiful prime. A woman who has aged gracefully is said to have a glorious glow about her – that fresh, bright skin, the charming smile, and the sparkle in her eyes that send out a message of a life well lived.

In this world of fast food, overtimes, traffic jams, pollution and the like, to age gracefully becomes a bigger challenge. Personal care if often overlooked and, as a result, a lot of us start looking older than we should. The hard part of it is that this rapid deterioration of aesthetic vitality is often left unnoticed until it catches us by obvious realization.

Now, what do we do? Bringing back physical youth doesn’t seem to be very easy – we think of surgeries, exercises, downtime. Hardest part of it is, we constantly worry about looking too “fake” after these procedures. And society isn’t always that friendly once your results become too obvious.

Good thing there is Thermage.

What is Thermage?

One of the modern wonders of cosmetic science, Thermage is a treatment that does the magic of reverse ageing in the fastest, most painless of procedures. It targets your problem spots such as sagging skin, wrinkles and lines, buldges and cellulite.

Thermage treatments can be applied to specific areas of your face. Do you want those lines and wrinkles to disappear? Do you want smoother, firmer skin? Do you want to get rid of those puffy bags under your eyes  and lift those eyelids to bring out a more exciting sparkly look? Do you want to have a thin face with a blooming glow just like your favorite artista? Thermage is your key.

Just one or a few Thermage treatments can have a continuing improving effect for 6 months or even more. Best part of it is, it looks and feel very natural.

Sounds easy? It is.

A quick, painless stop at E-derm promises you these benefits without having you to break from your normal activities.


Having fresh, fine skin is always the first step in looking young and glowing.

Regardless of age, your skin will always be the measure of personal care.

Modern lifestyle packs all the elements that can strip the beauty off your skin.

Good thing there is Fraxel.

Fraxel is a procedure that promises you the best looking skin you can ever have.  It smoothens your face by slowly clearing up scars caused by pimples or surgery, improves tone and texture, reduces surface discoloration and tightens your pores.

And as skin naturally regenerates, Fraxel aids in this process by stimulating the surfacing of fresher skin as well as healing damaged tissue.


A life well lived gives us all the reasons to laugh, smile, frown and scowl. Unfortunately, it also leaves us with strong evidence – lines, drops and sags.

These surface depressions outline our age. Think of them as markers that highlight lines in a good book.

Too bad they don’t look too appealing you’d want them out.

E-Derm offers derma fillers and procedures that improve the appearance of these flaws: Juvederm, Restylane and Botox. These procedures promise you a more youthful and natural glow by targeting and eliminating your problem spots that’s quick and hassle-free.

Dermal Fillers also make good alternatives to surgery-free facial augmentations. Need a sculpted chin? Want gorgeous cheekbones? Ask your E-derm specialist for the best procedure for your requirement.

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