The Stuff That Killed My Pimples And Saved My Life

Woohoo adolescence!

1999 was a bad year for me. It was at that time when the Acne Fairy visited me and showered her blessings like crazy, my whole face turned into a metropolis of swollen zits.

It was horrible, especially in highschool.

My then dermatologist and family friend, Dr. Tess Ferrariz of the Ferrariz Skin and Surgical Center prescribed her own anti-acne formula set that, I swear by my own grave, has cleaned up my face in just a few months.

Here’s what the set includes, and how I used each item:

ACNE SOAP is used for washing morning, noon and night. It felt a little weird not having to see much lather, but it did its job just well.

ERYTHROMYCIN SOLUTION is then applied after the evening wash to prepare the skin for the next step. It is the gentle but powerful anti-bacterial product that gets rid of those pimple-causing germs. It is applied like any normal astringent.

ANTI-ACNE LOTION. Now this is heavy. It is supposed to be used in the morning and at night, but I chose to use it only at night for a very justifiable reason: it is as heavy and creamy as melted ice cream, and it dries up with a thick, powdery residue that makes you look like a kabuki actor.

CLARIFYING LOTION was rubbed on my skin in the morning after washing. It helped in getting rid of the residue from last night’s lotion 🙂


Prior to using these products, my swollen face was red and was stinging and itching really bad. Those sensations went away the day after my first application. (bravo!)

The formula is supposed to kill pimple-causing bacteria, which was evidenced by the reduction of pimple growth in the following weeks after the first application. Note: Reduced  pimple growth, not zero pimple growth.

Drying up the pimples was one of the goals, and I observed that working because of the excessing peeling that happened days after.

Each set of products used to cost P500 and came in handy bottles that can last up to 1 1/2 monthsof daily use. I only had to use 2 sets before I started feeling I didn’t need them anymore. That was the time my face cleared up.

Weeks ago, I passed by Dr. Tess’ clinic to say hi. I was glad to find out that these products are still available, but in bigger packaging (hence the higher but still reasonable prices).

These products are available at the Ferrariz Skin and Surgical Center, Medical Plaza, Santiago Blvd, Gen. Santos City.


I also used these products on my acne-filled back when I was in college. They cleared it up just as expected.


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