Text Messaging (SMS) Etiquette

My mom and I were talking about this the other evening.

  • Do not text someone in the middle of the night, unless you know them well.  Be conscientious of other’s schedules.  Others may not be awake like you, or not busy.

  • Never send chain texts.  Just like in emails, chain letters and texts are annoying.

  • Keep your phone on silent and vibrate modes in quiet public places like church, movie theater, meeting, or workplace.

  • Keep text messaging to a minimum at work or at school.  Your boss or teacher does not appreciate when you have other duties to fulfill.

  • Keep your texts short and sweet.  If you need to send an in-depth message, use email instead.  Be aware of your tone.  It might cause discomfort or irreparable harm.

  • Be courteous by sending a text, “Can I call you at your spare time?”  It is best than calling their phone directly.  They might be at work or in a meeting.

  • If you are a “textaholic,” others are not.  Avoid pestering others.

  • Composing a text while you are in a face-to-face conversation with someone is rude.

  • SMS is informal.  It should not be used for formal invitations or to dump your girlfriend or boyfriend.

  • Do not get upset when you don’t get a reply.  There’s probably a good reason why.

  • Leave the slang and hip lingo to the kids.  Your work colleagues will not appreciate.  Don’t try to be “in” with the kids by trying to be cool either.

  • Do not pass phone numbers to others.  Most people want to be very private. When necessary, seek permission first.  Likewise, keep received texts sent to you.  Do not announce to the world.

Guilty on some points! hehehe


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